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CRGT Survey

In 2015 The Claygate Recreation Ground Trust (CRGT) completed a survey of residents’ attitudes and views in respect of the current facilities offered and priorities for future development.

CRGT Survey

More than 309 questionnaires were completed by Claygate residents and will be used to set priorities for future development and enhancement of facilities at the ground. Some key indicators from the survey include.

  • High level of usage – 59.5% of all respondents claimed to visit the ground on weekdays and 54% on weekends.

  • Wide variety of reasons for visiting with a strong bias towards sport and exercise activities including keep-fit sessions, walking and relaxing watching a game of cricket.

  • The new Clubhouse Pavilion Cafe proved to be very popular with 58% of respondents given it as a reason for visiting the ground.

  • The children’s play area is a very important feature. Concerns were raised over the variety of play equipment and its limited appeal to just the very young.

  • Improvement required in meeting the needs of teenagers especially teenage girls was mentioned.

  • 85% of respondents rated ground maintenance as excellent or good. This high level of satisfaction also applied to most aspects of the ground apart from the toilet block.

  • The three most highly ranked ideas for future development/improvement out of a list of 10 were:-

  1. More benches and tables

  2. Outdoor gym equipment

  3. Full perimeter path.

Numerous additional comments were forthcoming and covered a diverse range of issues such as:

  • Parking problems (especially in Church Road)Parking

  • Dog fouling

  • Flooding by the bus stop

  • Lack of seating

  • State of the toilet block

  • Access points

  • State of the paths

  • The desire for more social events to be held during the summer period.

The Trust can now proceed in setting priorities for the development of the ground but at the same time it needs to be realistic in setting objectives, which are compatible with the availability of resources forthcoming from fund raising activities.

The CRGT would like to thank all the Claygate residents who participated in the survey.

Full details of the survey results can be found here (insert link)