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CRGT AGM: Clubhouse rebuild

On Sunday 14th October, the CRGT held their annual AGM and information evening.

We had a great turn out of Claygate residents and community leaders for the meeting and top of the agenda was an update on the Claygate Community Clubhouse rebuild.

As we approach the second anniversary of the fire that destroyed the clubhouse, The CRGT is pleased to announce all funding for the building shell has been secured and we are now on the cusp of signing a new agreement with Elmbridge Borough Council (EBC) that will allow the CRGT to manage the rebuild of the clubhouse.

This will be a huge step forward. The negotiations have taken longer than expected, especially concerning changes to the CRGT lease and in finalising the exact cost for the enhanced design. The new agreement will mean we can move ahead to the next stage of planning, tendering and finally the build. With an estimated rebuild start date of August 2019.

Changes to the lease

The CRGT currently has 19 years left on a 25-year lease with EBC with no break clauses. EBC initially wanted to renew this to a 30-year lease, with a five-year break clause and rolling six-month break clauses thereafter. The trustees felt the proposed break clauses, and other caveats, were not acceptable. EBC has agreed to retain the existing lease without break clauses.

New Charitable Status

To manage the build the CRGT has applied to change its status to become a Charity Incorporated Organisation. In particular this means:

The trustees are safeguarded from having no personal financial liability for the rebuild.

The Trust can now put the project out to tender to contractors other than the council’s contractor KIER.

Enhanced Clubhouse Costings

In July the CRGT submitted a feasibility study for the cost of the enhanced Clubhouse, which has now been verified by EBC. It is anticipated that the construction of the Clubhouse shell will come in under the maximum project budget set by EBC and that this will include £190,000 of funds raised by the Claygate Community, CRGT and grants, with the remaining balance funded by EBC.

Helen Maguire, CRGT chair, says: “After so much hard work over the past two years, we feel that we are almost in a position to commence the process of the rebuild. I cannot thank the CRGT trustees enough for their support and the support of our Claygate Borough Councillors in getting this project moving forward. The new agreement with Elmbridge Borough Council will mean we can finally progress with the re-build of the Claygate Community Clubhouse, which so many of us have contributed to and miss.”

Estimated timeline:

Present: The Trust has submitted an application to the Charity Com mission to convert to a CIO. It has also appointed a Project Manager to assist with the planning, tender and building process who will work with a newly formed client body, consisting of trustees and local representatives who have the specific technical skills set required to ensure the process runs as smooth as possible.

End Nov 2018: CRGT to sign a new development agreement with EBC.