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Sunday 14th July 2019

Gig on the Rec


In partnership with the Claygate Village Association (CVA), the CRGT is thrilled to announce Britpop Reunion as the headline act for Gig On The Rec 2019.

The CVA has offered to take over the organisation of Gig On The Rec this year to enable the CRGT to focus their time on the exciting Clubhouse rebuild. The CRGT are extremely grateful for the support of the CVA, which also runs Claygate Christmas Lights and Claygate Music Festival. Gig On The Rec is now a regular feature of the Claygate Rec summer timetable and the CVA expects to donate any profits to fund community projects including the rebuilding of the clubhouse that was destroyed in a fire in November 2016.

The CRGT would also like to say a very BIG thank you to GOTR sponsors Olive, a mobility and cloud managed service provider. Paul Butler, Olive Managing Director, says: “I am delighted that Olive can contribute to this great event and its good causes. I have been resident in Claygate for more than 20 years during which time I’ve been heavily involved with sports clubs and the CRGT. Now that I have less available time to offer – sponsoring GOTR is another way I can be involved. The Flower Show weekend is at the heart of the Claygate community and the GOTR looks set to exceed expectations again this year.”

Olive provides mobility, cloud and digital technologies to a raft of household names including banks, large legal firms, Premiership football clubs and large retailers. As well as their sponsorship, they have also agreed to contribute at least 10 per cent of the gross profit from any sale that originates from the event activities, which could make a big difference to the CVAs fundraising.

Gig On The Rec will take place on Sunday 14 July, 6-10pm featuring the UK’s leading Britpop cover band Britpop Reunion, with support from Claygate’s very own Midlife Crises playing the warm up.

Tickets available at

We caught up with Andy Starkey, lead singer and bass player from Britpop Reunion to find out a bit more about what you can expect to hear on Claygate Rec this summer.

Andy, what’s your favourite Britpop song to perform and why?

“Wow, that’s a tough question to start with as it’s a bit like asking which of your children you prefer. It changes from gig to gig but currently I’d probably say “Don’t Look Back In Anger” by Oasis as everyone in the crowd loves to sing that back to us at the tops of their lungs.”

Why, as a band, did you choose Britpop?

“This genre of music is very close to our hearts as we were in our own original Britpop bands back when it all first happened. Because of this we felt we would be able to produce a professional show completely replicating the sound, sights and smells of the Britpop and that really is what we’ve achieved.”

What brought you together as a band?

“We’ve all known each other since the 90s and we always said that ‘one-day’ when the time was right we would form a Britpop tribute band. Its literally been forming in my head for 25 years, just waiting to explode out and five years ago it was finally time for it all to happen.”

What can we expect on 14 July?

“Our set is made up of the best of Britpop and other huge 90s hits. Crowds instinctively sing along to all the chart topping tunes we perform, which makes my job as lead singer a lot easier as I hardly ever have to sing anything myself. There’s no other band out there doing this professionally as we are at festivals, corporate events, weddings and birthdays as you can see in our promotional material at which is why we are in such high demand.”

What’s the best gig you’ve played?

“Wow, again another very tough question. A few years back we performed at a university to 1500+ students. Although by no means the largest crowd we’ve ever played to – it certainly was a memorable night of my performing life. The second I stepped out onto the stage the cheers from the crowd were so intense I just knew it was going to be something very special and it really was. We had students singing along as if they really were back in the 90s again... yet all of them wouldn’t have even been born! They certainly knew how to party and enjoy themselves. It just goes to show how much of an impact 90s music still has on todays generation and artists.

What are you most excited about playing the Gig On The Rec at Claygate?

“What we love best about any festival is reminding crowds that the 90s really were something quite special with amazing pop songs that have stood the test of time. Within the first bar of our first song the crowd instantly get it, they’re taken back to the best era in indie pop music and let themselves go. The 90s are only just starting to come back into fashion now with clothing, TV & film homages. It’s taken a long time for the 90s to be fully appreciated again and Britpop Reunion is at the forefront of the live musical revival.”

To book your tickets for Sunday 14 July visit