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Project Phoenix Update

We’re on the Up and Up………

We are delighted to say that ‘Flaming June’ brings with it some good news, with some easing of the lockdown, local shops re-opening and a Clubhouse that is on the rise and looking good. The only blot on the landscape has been a delay in the prospective date for the Community Clubhouse completion. We had been reporting that the Community Clubhouse was on track for completion around mid-July but that has recently been put back by our building contractors, Armfield, to the beginning of September. The cause of the delay, not surprisingly is down to Covid-19 which has caused challenges in the sourcing of some build materials, and difficulties with man power.

The good news however is that the materials have now arrived and as you can see, good progress is being made once again. The next phase for the build project will be the completion of the roof structure and commencement of the external wall cladding and the all-important mechanical and electrical work. Thank you once again to Armfield for the sterling work they are doing in very difficult circumstances. We will of course keep you all posted on progress.

Apart from the build project the CRGT team have been busy with negotiations with the new Café Operators and we are really delighted to announce that the tender for the Café operation has been won by…………..

Pistachios in the Park, is a community café concept from Aysin Djemil, and Ender Turkyilmaz. They have already had great success with a number of community Café operations in and around London and were able to present the CRGT with exactly the type of operation and concept that we were looking for.