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"It has been a long road, and an incredible amount of work, but the end is almost in sight. We look forward to opening the new Claygate Community Clubhouse soon."

Helen Maguire, Chairman CRGT

It’s been a long time coming and although the past year has been a difficult and challenging time for so many, the coming of spring and warmer weather heralds a new beginning. The CRGT is thrilled to announce that the Community Clubhouse is structurally complete and almost ready to open. The building has been finished to a very high standard, both inside and out, and is ready for the Community to enjoy. It’s taken over 4 years to rebuild the Clubhouse and an immense amount of time and energy by the Trustees and the CRGT project management team to get to this point. There have been many problems to overcome along the way, not least the interruptions and delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, but also, just recently, the appointment of Administrators for Armfield Construction Ltd, our main contractor, who have sadly been another casualty of the pandemic.

Fortunately for us, this happened after the building project was completed. However, there is still the huge task of attaining and completing all of the documentation required for completion prior to opening to the public and the community. Rest assured, CRGT Trustees are working extremely hard to ensure this happens.


If you have visited the recreation ground in the last few weeks, you will see how much progress has been made on Phase 1 of the landscaping project. Sam and Matt from Project Landscapes have been working hard in all weathers, to prepare the groundworks for the new paved areas. The solid non-slip blockwork that surrounds the Clubhouse has now been completed, and the pathways, including disabled access leading directly to the building are coming along nicely. This work will be finished prior to the Clubhouse opening and will ensure a mud free, non-slip, safe journey towards your refreshments!

Phase 2 of the project will commence towards the end of the summer with the planting of shrubs, trees and flowers in the specially designed family garden area on the left of the building and barbeque area on the right of the Clubhouse. Our resident horticultural specialist and Trustee in charge of the family garden operations is Rachel Jones, who many of you may know. Rachel has been keeping a watchful eye on landscaping progress and is currently planning for phase two planting:

“I have recently updated all the planting plans for the garden, and I’m really excited about this phase. It’s full of native shrubs and trees, with lots of grasses and flowers. Very wildlife friendly, and something to enjoy all year round”.